About Us

Our family company was founded in 1991 and it has always been thrilling to watch it grow.

The years in business have shown us that the growth and long-term relationships go hand in hand. This union is exactly what we are aiming at for the future.

SPECTRA and Values

Twenty years in business have tested us in many regards. We discovered there are always three pillars SPECTRA is leaning on, in good times and in bad times as well.


It is not only the number of our customers that is growing based on referrals. We search for new team members among our friends and wider families. They often represent what we expect in our colleagues. We are interested in people who are eager to change the world, have a winning spirit, are goal-oriented and want to grow profesionally, who are competitive but play fair. It is no accident that we often run into former top sportspeople - which brings us back to the previously mentioned connection of the world of sport and the world of industrial chemicals.

Long-Term Partnerships

Quick and short-term business really is not our priority. Each of our long-term customers knows we are here for them whenever they need assistence or advice. We have nearly thirty years of experience during which we have learnt a lot. This is why we can lead our customers to a better, safer and more efficient manufacturing.


Striving to help our customers make their manufacturing as efficient as possible, we progress and come up with new solutions and devices that complement our package of complex services. We do not remain in one place, we keep learning. We offer 100% support in the implementation of a new system. We come to your place, monitor operations and later provide the necessary training of personnel free of charge. We share hacks with our customers, reduce the future costs, and can also take care of legal matters. Simply put, we keep expanding our portfolio of services related to the purchase of our products. 

SPECTRA and Certification

Please contact our Customer Care if you need our suppliers' certifications, we will send you those upon request as an attachment.

ISO 9001: Quality Management

We definitely stand on quality products and complex services in compliance with regulations and customers' needs.

ISO 14001: Environmental Management

We feel sustainability and environmental management is crucial for anybody who works in the world of industrial chemicals. We always strive for ecological solutions and minimizing the environmental impact.

SPECTRA's Portfolio of Products

We have been building a quality portfolio of products in cooperation with the following brands and their best products for the PUR manufacturing industry, mold-injected thermoplastics, for welding, modern maintanence, application equipment, and for the food industry. We choose the products of individual brands carefully, so they complete the spectrum of products where needed.

SPECTRA and History

The story of how SPECTRA was founded and how it grew is a story of strong interpersonal relationships and of a connection of the two seemingly completely different worlds - the world of sports and the world of industrial chemicals. Curious? Read on.

When Gustav Peterka as a top ice-hockey player headed to Germany in the 1980's, he had no idea that something new and big was about to begin. Meeting Jirka Beránek, his former trainer who had emmigrated to Germany, proved to be the thing that shaped his future. Jirka Beránek worked in research for a world renowned company Klüber Chemie. He provided a few samples that Gustav brought to Zlín shoe-making companies. There was a world of difference in the quality of the Western and Eastern technologies. The purchase price per litre was higher, but in the end everybody realized that with a lower consumption and a smaller number of scrap the investment would return soon.

At the very beginning Gustav managed the future family business on his own, together with his wife who helped him with accounting. Eventually, he invited his friends Zbyňek Křupka, Lubomír Lukašík and Ivo Markytán to take part in the business. Together, they widened the business area to cover the manufacturing of composites, rubber, high-pressure die casting of nonferrous metals and the lubrication of machine equipment. 

Why do we say we are a family business if there were friends Gustav, Lubomír, Zbyněk and Ivo in the beginning? As the company grew bigger, the team did as well and the new members were mostly family (sons, sons-in-law, nephews) and friends. The recruitment has worked that way until today - based on personal references and relationships.

In 2004, the majority owner of Klüber Chemie KG, the Freudenberg Group concern, acquired the world leader in manufacturing and dealing with mould release agents, the Chem-Trend company. By this action, we became, starting January 1st 2005, partners of the Chem-Trend (Deutschland) GmbH company on the Czech and Slovak market. Thanks to the cooperation with the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities (FCS) group, our portfolio newly entails representing the OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH brand that specializes in maintanence products, 

With time, we also included special lubricants into our portfolio, as a result of the cooperation with the company Setral. We took up interest in welding and as some products were completely absent on the market, we decided to fill this market niche with our own private brand. We came up with the name Spectra-SELECT for it. 

In 2009 we widened the assortment of polyurethane processing products with the company Bomix Chemie GmbH - we included IMC varnishes and pigment pastes for engraining polyurethanes. And we definitely will not stop there. The cooperation with the Wakol GmbH company, the manufacturer of adhesives primarily intended for polyurethane manufacturing, started soon after that. 

Since smart, long-term and high-quality solutions are what we like, in 2010 we started cooperating with the company GasIQ AB. Their economical valve regulators Optimator for operations involving welding were happily accepted as a part of our product family.

Recently, we also added the products of AMCO Ltd. - a company that resides in our premises in Vizovice - to our own Spectra-SELECT product line. This is where we currently research and develop water soluble cleaners and welding separators.

As we have never stopped striving for a complex solution for all our customers, we added products for food-processing industry into our portfolio. In the autumn 2018 we started a business cooperation with the Stockmeister company (cleaning and disinfection) and later with the EUKALIN company (labelling and melt adhesives). Since 2019, the company Timmer GmbH has been helping us with the correct application of dispersing adhesives, thanks to which we can sell, service and rent pumps for adhesives.