We develop complex solutions for manufacturing optimization in the world of industrial chemicals.

Why Work with Us?

Because we know how to manage things. We have been offering functional solutions for effective manufacturing while keeping the costs as low as possible since 1991. We always take it step by step. 

Entry Analysis

First, we survey, research and brainstorm. We realize that each company is unique and has their specific needs. Our goal is to find a solution that will suit your business and operation.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Finding the right product is only half the success. It is equally important to use it correctly. We can assist with that as well. During the implementation phase we are 100% at your disposal and we make sure everything works the way it should.

Training and Consultancy

Why are customers returning to us? Because we are here for them when they need us. 
We address issues immediately and assist in person.
We pride ourselves in giving thorough training and we value a long-term cooperation.

For 29 years

we have been helping our customers with their plants' operation and reducing their operating costs.

Over 1 500

of companies have had a long-term cooperation with us.

Over 2 000

special products comprise Spectra's portfolio.

Our products allow smooth manufacturing operations, thus helping customers in various industries.

"In the past thirty years we have gone through processes in countless factories. Thanks to that we have got experience allowing us finding functional solutions and preventing undesirable situations in manufacturing.
We are fast and reliable. Logistics is as important to us as meeting deadlines."

Gustav Peterka

What Is Your Industry?

Choose your industry and check all the things we excel in helping you with.

PUR Manufacturing

Separators, varnishes, pigments, adhesives and cleaners

Thermoplastics Processing

Separators, conservants, lubricants, cleaners and cleaning granules


Protective, cleaning and conserving agents for welding

Modern Maintenance

Lubricating, cleaning and conserving all surfaces

Application Devices

Delivery, adjustment and service of application devices

Food-Stuff Industry

Delivery, adjustment and service of application devices

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